Business Areas Covered

The use of database driven email and web content has enabled publishers to open new markets for their intellectual property. Connaught provides electronic data delivery services to the likes of Reed Business Information and Informa. Connaught has the technical capability and industry expertise to enable all types of publisher, from multinationals to small newsletter producers, to deliver customised information speedily and securely to their readers and subscribers.

Financial Services
Connaught has provided keystone transmission and security technologies enabling the safe despatch and delivery of invoices, credit notes etc. either electronically or by traditional post. Companies include blue-chip providers such as Bibby’s and Barclays.

Industrial/Commercial Companies
The management of many thousands of financial documents has been made less costly and much easier using electronic processing and production. Major names such as Henkel are benefiting from Connaught’s services in this way.

Architectural/Design Companies
For companies whose main product is design there is a need to protect drawing and plans. Connaught’s digital rights security technology ensures that complete control of this kind of intellectual property can be retained in the office, in transit and even after it has been shared with third parties.



The art and science of getting it there, day in day out: when your relationship with customers involves ensuring consistent and timely electronic delivery to them of the information they have paid you for, possibly in variable formats. If this element of the supply chain is not necessarily your core competence or your subscribers are asking for more customised services than you currently provide, call upon Connaught’s hands-on experience in delivering on these growing requirements.

More and more marketing is being done electronically. But the days when a simple broadcast email would bring results are gone. Now e-marketing must be as disciplined as traditional direct mail. Integrated solutions featuring a range of media, along with effective targetting and accurate contact information, are the norm. While many “off-the-shelf” packages claim to provide such services, these do not offer a comparable alternative to Connaught’s professional expertise and cutting edge technology in the mid to longer term.

In these ever-litigious times, companies must look to protect themselves and ensure that information that is meant to be confidential stays that way, whether it is intended for internal or external distribution and use. The risks of adverse publicity, supplier or customer mistrust and loss of business that follow from the leakage of sensitive electronic data can be minimised through a combination of having the right policies, procedures and technology in place. Connaught can help advise and implement on all three.

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