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No two problems are the same and each problem has to be assessed on its individual merits. Only then can a plan be laid and software/technology selected and adapted to suit very specific requirements.

Connaught’s team works closely with clients to ensure they understand what is required. Only then will they recommend a course of action, highlighting the benefits and pitfalls. At all stages Connaught's work for its client is considered confidential.

All work is staged

  1. Initial discussion
    A no-charge no obligation examination of the potential project
  2. Proposal, quotation and schedule
    Connaught provide a written proposal identifying cost, timings and options. This is usually a time for much discussion!
  3. Contract
    When the proposal is agreed it forms the basis of a formal contract between the two parties.
  4. Delivery/commissioning
    The availability of the product/service to the client
  5. Support
    We don’t leave you alone! Many contracts will have an ongoing service/support element to them, but even if they don’t we are always available at the end of the phone.

Throughout the project, Connaught works closely with the client to ensure that costly developments are avoided and that the brief is met accurately and delivered on time.

Connaught at work – the best advert
Connaught , with its partners, offers a full “cradle to grave” service. Sound advice, yes, but, more importantly, the practical skills and knowledge to actually deliver a solution. The following case histories demonstrate how Connaught can meet very precise specifications, often dealing with time or financial critical information.

Hunting plc is an oil services company with major strategic shareholders. In order to alert their investors of key developments and results, the company uses Connaught to ensure fast and effective communication. The sensitive nature of the material means it must be sent immediately after the news embargo expires. Connaught ensures investors are in receipt of the information within 1 hour of this time. Connaught’s technology allows the company to know the information has been safely delivered an essential requirement for Hunting’s management. How else could this be achieved?

PJB Publications is a producer of subscription business information that had been distributed for many years in print. In response to customer demands for faster delivery of news, they developed a daily bulletin service that was sold along side the print subscription. The bulletin contains an abstract of the day’s news and, for an additional fee per story, subscribers to the service can receive, instantly by e-mail or fax, the full text of the story. Furthermore, each email is tracked should it be forwarded to other addresses allowing the publisher to identify copyright abuse. PJB Publications has created a significant revenue stream, met customer demands and achieved it all with the minimum of fuss and effort by using Connaught’s proven technology.

Click here to read the full case history.

The European Case Clearing House is a non-profit organisation whose primary role is the distribution of case studies for management education. Historically this activity has been paper based, photocopying the required number of copies from a paper master and shipping them to customers, mainly Business Schools and Universities. However during the last few years this process has changed dramatically. Firstly with the introduction of pdf format which permitted electronic distribution independent of software and hardware compatibility and secondly the introduction of DRM software which allowed ECCH to fulfil its obligation to protect the copyright of contributors.

ECCH reviewed the available DRM software and selected dotEncrypt because it met their requirements in terms of functionality, ease of use and commercial considerations. Currently ECCH are taking two approaches to electronic distribution – electronic masters and electronic multiples. An electronic master is a secure copy of a case study that is emailed to a customer with a single licence and the facility to print a single copy from which paper multiples may be printed locally. The process takes minutes and is especially beneficial to overseas customers and saves both time and shipping cost.

The provision of electronic multiples is again a secure copy of a case study that this time has multiple licences attached to provide access to authorised students. This secure case study can be emailed to students, placed on an intranet, a CD or hosted by ECCH. This process has many advantages in terms of ease of distribution, last minute and even real time changes and very specific control of access period.

The overwhelming benefit to ECCH is that they can confidently meet customers' demands to access files electronically knowing that copyright cannot be infringed whether inadvertently through ignorance or deliberately through malice.

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