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Connaught FactsLine

Connaught FactsLine Limited (www.connaught.co.uk) is a well-established, London based company that focuses specifically on providing electronic communication solutions that meet its customers' business critical data handling, information delivery and usage feedback needs. These can either be provided as a cost-effective managed service, or integrated into in-house processes, using Connaught's secure, flexible, high capacity systems.

Connaught offers particular expertise in the publishing and financial sectors and is able to handle both unstructured publisher information and highly structured financial transactional information with equal speed and facility. Ongoing work for publishing customers includes the creation and distribution of daily news bulletins and alerts, newsletters and the delivery of market information to subscribers or other users worldwide in the print, CD, email, fax or web format of their choice.

Whilst Connaught is happy to manage bulk electronic marketing campaigns, its distinctive areas of expertise are in the management and delivery of high value and transactional messaging and the co-ordination of ongoing communication of 'must-have' or 'paid for' information to its customers' own subscribers, members or communities of users.

Why outsource to Connaught?
Typically, Connaught's customers outsource the management of their data and elements of
their external communication processes because:

  • They either regard such activities as being outside their areas of core competence or too specialised and business critical for internal staff to manage on an ongoing basis;
  • They prefer trusting an expert managed service with built in guarantees, rather than try and meet their needs by implementing limited capability, general purpose software in-house, with all the risks this involves.

Factors that influence customers in their decisions to outsource their requirements to
Connaught include:

  • The challenge of managing disparately sourced data efficiently;
  • Their need to offer users a choice of information formats;
  • The limitations of their own production facilities;
  • Connaught’s ability to provide services 24/7;
  • Connaught’s understanding of the application of efficient multi-channel information delivery;
  • Connaught’s ability to respond to specific customer needs cost-effectively and its sophisticated technical capabilities.

Connaught’s capabilities include intelligent, customised reporting and advanced state-of-the-art features such as persistent electronic data/document access control and copyright protection. This outbound expertise is complemented by Connaught's ability to offer automated, on demand email services and 'never busy' fax back to support large outbound email and fax campaigns.

Business benefits
Connaught provides significant value and business benefit for its customers by removing all the pain associated with the whole business communications process including:

  • Transforming basic data, (including storing, (re)formatting, merging, archiving and re-purposing);
  • The customised communication of the resulting information on both a subscription and pay-per-view basis, and the delivery and interpretation of meaningful usage statistics.

All through a fast, responsive and reliable managed service that is very easy for customers to interface with.

As a tightly focused business with manageable overheads and a realistic day rate Connaught offers sophisticated, cost saving and revenue generating communication solutions at very competitive charges.

"ICIS-LOR is a global supplier of market information to the oil and chemical industries and uses Connaught to handle the electronic delivery of market information and reports to its 3,000 worldwide customers. Each customer can choose to either receive reports by post (on CD or paper), email or fax, or directly access reports via bulletin boards, FTP sites, fax-on-demand or via the world wide web.”
Dr Ben Booth, Head of Operations, ICIS-LOR, Reed Business Information

Client List
From specialist information companies to blue chip organisations, Connaught provides services to a range of publishers from Marketletter and Cosmetics International to Reed Business Information and Informa. In other sectors clients range from Barclays Bank PLC, Bibby Financial Services, and BDO Stoy Hayward to Henkel, Improveline.com, Voyages Jules Verne and Yell Group.

To discuss your requirements contact:

Michael Collins
Tel: + 44 (0)20 8755 6978

To discuss how Connaught could take your communications pain away, call Connaught’s Managing Director on +44 (0)20 8755 6978, or email your enquiry to epost@connaught.co.uk.